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Fir Survival BS
Fire Survival Test Apparatus as per BS

This instrument is designed to testing cables required to maintain circuit integrity when subject to fire alone where the test conditions is based upon a flame with a controlled heat output corresponding to a t


Flammability for Foam
Flammability Test for Upholstery

A standard test rig is constructed from fabric and foam to form a simulated chair with the back at a right angle to the base. This enables the ignition source to be kept in permanent contact with both back and


Carbon Content Test Apparatus
Carbon Content Test Apparatus

The test determines the content of Carbon Black in Polysthylene Insulation or sheath of electrical cables.     Salient Features       Model :  SSI 528 CCBS (Carbon Content Test Apparatus as


Dumb Bell Die 75 mm

Dumb Bell is the most widly used shape for testing various samples for their phyical and other properties.     Salient Features       Die Material :  Die Steel Overall Length :  75 mm


Flammability Test Appaartus as per IEC 60332 Pt 3
Flammability Test for Bunch Cables

This Test instrument is designed to covers a laboratory Procedure for testing of bunch cables mounted vertically to determine their relative ability to resist flame prorogation. The objective of the fire test i


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