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Hand Press Lever Type

Die Cutting Press (Hand Lever Model)

Model Number: SSI 510 DPLT

The Press is deigned to accept various types of Dumb Bell and Sample Dies for cutting the sample.

Salient Features  
Model : SSI 510 DPLT (Dumb Bell cutting press with lever type handle)
Force Applied : Manually Using hand Lever
Material of Construction : MS (Painted / Chrome Plated)
Delivery : 2 to 3 weeks
Packing : One Wooden Box
Alternate Model : SSI 510 DPFW (Dumb Bell cutting press with Fly wheel)


The Press can be used with various Dumb Bell and other types of dies to cut the sample from sample sheets.

The press is designed to minimize the human effort required to cut the sample, by using the lever mechanism. The long handle lever press the piston, on which the cutting Die is bound. This type of cutting press is very simple and useful to operate especially for soft sample materials.

 The press can be installed on top of a table and operated by a single person. The Die cutter can be interchanged by just loosening one LN screw.