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Copper Purity Test Apparatus

Model Number: SSI 564 CP

Standard Number: IS: 440, IS: 4667-4

Copper Purity Apparatus is designed to determine the purity of copper by electrolysis method. The sample containing copper is dissolve in sulfuric -& nitric acid mixture and a regulated current is passed through the solution. The copper is deposit on Cathode which is weighed to determine the amount of copper in the sample. 



Salient Features

Model : SSI 564 CP (Copper Purity)
Test Chamber : The Test is conducted in a Glass Beaker enclosed in an acrylic enclosure.
Electrodes : Platinum Coated Platinum, Iridium blend
Current Highly stabilized power supply
Amps Meter Digital Ampere Meter
Temperature Magnetic Heating plate with PID Controller
Timer : Programmable Timer to switch off the instrument after the desired time is over

Delivery  : 4 to 5 Weeks
Packing  : One Wooden Box



Instrument Principle

Copper Purity Apparatus is designed to determine the purity of copper by electrolysis method. The sample with Copper is dissolve in sulfuric – acid and nitric acid mixture. After the metal is dissolved, A current is passed into the solution using anode and cathode. Due to the passage of current, the copper is electrically charged and get deposited on the cathode. 

The electrodes are weigh before and after the test to determine the amount of copper deposited on the electrodes. 



The Instrument is designed to conform to IS: 440 and IS 4667-4




The instrument consists of


    Anode / Cathode made of Platinum, iridium blend / Platinum Coated 

    PID Controlled controlled heating plate

    Digital Ampere Meter

    Stabilized current source

    Magnetic Heating Plate

    Digital PID Temperature Controller