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Two Roll Mill (Variable Roller Speed)

Model Number: SSI 511 EP

Two Roll Mill is used for mixing two or more compounds in a homogeneous mixture. This Mixture is then molded into samples for further testing.

Salient Features
Roller Size : 6″ Dia x 12″ Length
Heating : ‘U’ Shaped Heaters embedded in Rollers
Temperature Control : Through Energy Regulator
Motor / GearBox : 3 Hp 440VAC, 3 Phase Motor, Standard Gear Box
Roller Material : Hardened Steel, Chrome Plated
Roller RPM Control : 0-30 RPM using Motor Drive
Power Requirment : 440V Three Phase, 7.5 W
 Material Suitable for : PVC and allied Material
Delivery : 6 to 8 weeks Packing : One Wooden Box, Dimension : 5 x 4 x 4 (LBH in feets) 350 Kg



Uniform mixing of two or more components to make a homogeneous mixture is vital to make samples for testing. The Two Roll Mill with its two heated rollers, rotating in opposite directions, at slightly different speeds is an ideal machine for such a work.

The final test samples can then be obtained from the sheet by using Hydraulic Hot Press, Dumb-bell Dies etc.


The Instrument consists of following:

       Two rollers mounted on a sturdy frame, rotating in opposite opposite  at slightly different speeds.

       Roller Size: 6″ dia, 12″ Length.

       Temperature Control : Using two Energy Regulators one for each roller.

       Heater: Heating by especially designed U shaped heaters.

       Motor: 3 Hp, 440 VAC,  3 phase.

       Gear Assembly : to drive the rollers in opposite directions. 

       Control: Forward Reverse Switch and power cord.

       Spatula for mixing the compound.

       Emergency Switch to shut off motor in case of emergency


This Model is suitable for PVC and allied mayerial which require heating for melting and mixning. Not suitable for rubber materials which generates heat during mixing.

Two Roll Mill is also available for Rubber mixing with heavy duty motor, gear box and water cooling arrangement (Model SSI-511ER)