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Glass Chimney for LOI

Glass Chimney For LOI Test Apparatus

Model Number: SSI 515.2

Standard Number: ASTM D- 2863IS 13501

Double walled Borosilicate Glass Chimney provides the ideal test environment for testing Limiting Oxygen Index for at both ambient as well as elevated temperature.

Salient Features  
Glass Material :  Borosilicate Glass
Construction :  Double Walled with embedded Heater inside.
Size :  75 mm (Dia) x 400 mm (Height)
Heaters :  Two Heaters, First for Gas preheating, and second for sample environment heating
Gas Input :  A nozzle is provided at the bottom
Delivery  : Ex Stocks / 1-2 weeks
Packing  : Wooden Box


The Glass Chimney is designed to test the material for limiting Oxygen Index at Ambient as well as Elevated Temperatures.  The Temperature in the chimney is achieved using two heaters.


The First heater heats the gas mixture before it hits the sample. 

The Second heater heats the environment around the sample for reading at elevated temperature.


The Temperature in monitored using a specially designed ‘U’ shaped thermocouple and is controlled using PID Digital Temperature Controller.