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Rubber Roller mill with water cooling

Two Roll Mill – Rubber Products

Model Number: SSI 511 TRRFS

Lab Two Roll Mill is designed to mix / knead rubber based material where in heat is emitted on kneading. The rollers are cooled by circulating water inside the roller cavity for rapid and uniform cooling.

Salient Features  
Model : SSI 511 TRRFS (Two Roll Mill for Rubber with Fixed roller rotation speed)
Roller Size : 6″ Dia x 12″ Length
Cooling : ‘Water is circulated inside the rollers for rapid cooling
Motor / Gear Box : 5 or 7 Hp III Phase Motor, Standard Gear Box
Roller Material : Hardened Steel, Chrome Plated
Power Requirement : 440V Three Phase
Delivery : 6 to 8 weeks
Packing : One Wooden Box
Dimension : 5 x 4 x 4 (LBH in feet) 350 Kg


Instrument Principle

For preparing test sample from two or more materials, they have to be mixed homogeneously. Lab Two Roll Mill with its water cooled rollers, rotating in different directions, at slightly different speeds is an ideal machine for such a work. The test samples can then be obtained from the sheet by using Dumb-bell Dies etc.

Lab Two Roll Mill is available in various models for specific customer requirement. Various Models are
  1. For PVC (With Heating only)
  2. For Rubber (with Water Cooling only)
  3. For PVC and Rubber (with heating and water cooling)
  4. Rollers with Variable RPM
  5. Rollers with Variable RPM and Friction Ration 


The Instrument consists of following:

   Two rollers mounted on a sturdy frame, rotating in different direction at slightly different speeds.

   Roller Size:  6 dia, 12 Length.

   Water Cooling arrangement inside the cavity of the roolers 

   Water is stored in a SS tank and is circulated using a pump. 

   One 440 V III phase motor with gear assembly for rotating the rollers.

   Start / Stop switch and power cord.

   Two Emergency Switches, one on panel and one on knee height to reverse the motor in case of any emergency. 

   Guard plates and funnel on rollers to prevent accidental insertion of operator hand between rollers. 

   Spatula for mixing the compound.