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Flammability Test Appaartus as per UL 94

Flammability Test as per UL 94 (with HMI)

Model Number: SSI 549 ULMH

Standard Number: UL 94, ASTM D 635, ASTM D 408, ASTM D 3801, ASTM D 5048, IEC 60707, IEC 60695-11-10, ISO 1210, ISO 10351

The UL test serves as a preliminary indication for Plastics components acceptability for use as part of a device or appliance with respect to its flammability. The instrument is designed for both Vertical and Horizontal burning. 


Salient Feature  
Test Appalicable : UL (HB/V0, V1, V2/5VA, 5VB)
Chamber Size : 1 m x 1m x 1m (LBH)
Chamber Construction : Double Walled, Inner Chamber made of Stainless Steel, Outer MS / GI
Burner : Bunsen Burner, with adjustable flame length
Burner Position Adjustable form 0 to 90 deg (useful for  both Vertical and Horizontal Burning)
Burner Movement Automated using PLC logic
Sample Holder : Provided for both Vertical and Horizontal Test
Control : All Funtions including Burner Movement, timers etc are controlled by PLC
Results : PLC accumulate all the results and give the compliance of the sample 
Display : Using a touch screen HMI
Delivery : 6 to 8 Weeks
Packing : One Wooden Box
Alternate Model : SSI 549 ULMM (Flammability Test per  UL 94 (Motorized Model))
: SSI 549 ULML (Flammability as per UL Semi Automatic) 


Instrument Principle

UL 94:  Test for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances

This test uses specimen which is held at one end in the vertical or Horizontal  position . A burner flame is applied to the free end of the specimen for two intervals separated by the time it takes for flaming combustion to cease after the first application. Two sets of 5 specimens are tested. The following are recorded for each specimen:

  • Duration of flaming combustion after the first burner flame application.
  • Duration of flaming combustion after second burner flame application.
  • Duration of glowing combustion after second burner flame application.
  • Whether or not flaming drips ignite cotton placed below specimen.
  • Whether or not specimen burns up to holding clamp. 


The instrument is designed to conforms to various international standards 

     Horizontal Burning Test : HB (ASTM D 635, D 4804, IEC 707, or ISO 1210)

     20mm Vertical Burning Test: V-0, V-1, or V-2 (ASTM D 3801, IEC 707, or ISo 1210)

     500w (125mm) Vertical Burning: 5VA or 5VB (ASTM D 5048 or ISO 10351)



The Instrument consist of the following:

     A Double Walled Chamber for sample burning with front glass door
A Burner as per UL specifications
Burner Rotation, the angle of the burner are preset in the PLC
Gas control system including gas regulator
Automated Burner Movement system
Sample Holding System (adjustable both vertically and horizontally)
Digital Timer for flame application (can be preset for 1 to 99 sec)
Digital timer for flame observation after flame is removed.
Digit timer for Glow observation after the flame is extinguished
Exhaust Fan / Light in the chamber



Basic Design:


As per UL 94
Inner Chamber Stainless Steel  1m x 1m x 1m (LBH), Volume 1 m3
Burner  100 mm length 9.5 mm ID
Burner Movement through a motor driven worm 
Manual Movement to adjust the burner position with respect to sample



PLC Control:


Flame Application Time  : Pre settable from 1 to 99 Seconds
Flame Away time : Pre Settable from  form 1 to 99 Seconds
Cycles : Pres Settable from 1 to 9
Provision to check up to 5 samples for VA / VB test)




Select the test to be preformed on the sample
Input the flame and flame away time (as per standard)
The PLC automatically set the burner angle as per the test requirement.
Adjust the sample as per burner position taking in account the position given in the standard.
Start the test.
If more than one sample needs to be tested, the HMI prompts the user to put second sample. 
After required no of cycles, the burner is automatically shut off  with a beep
The Timer for After Flame is switched On automatically.
After user Hold this timer, Glow timer is switched On.
Based on the timers and operator inputs, the HMI displays the results as per UL requirement.



Results displayed after considering all the parameters as per UL standard
In 5A & 5 B, the results are summarized and shown after considering all the five samples.
Result page directly gives the sample classification as per UL standard