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Sample Die for LOI

Sample Die for Limiting Oxygen Index

Model Number: SSI 515.1

Standard Number: ASTM D 2863IS 10810

Correct and accurate sample is necessary for result accuracy and repeatability. The Sample Die is designed to produce equal sized samples for testing Limiting oxygen Index Test Apparatus.


Salient Feature  
Die Material :  MS hard chormed 
Size of Sample :  3 x 6 x 115 (LBH in mm)
No Of Sample :  5 samples can be made at one time.
Delivery  : Ex Stock / 1-2 weeks
Packing  : Card Board Box




The Die is specifically designed to make samples for Limiting Oxygen Index Test Apparatus. The Die is manufactured in three pieces. The upper and lower plates are support plates. The Middle plate has cut out for the samples as per the standard requirement.


The Die with sample is kept in Hydraulic press for formation of smooth and accurate samples to be tested in for Limiting Oxygen Index.