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Carbon Content Test Apparatus

Carbon Content Test Apparatus

Model Number: SSI 528 CCBS

Standard Number: BS:2782 Pt.4 Method 452B 1978.IS: 10810 (Pt.32).

The test determines the content of Carbon Black in Polysthylene Insulation or sheath of electrical cables.



Salient Features  
Model :  SSI 528 CCBS (Carbon Content Test Apparatus as per BS Standard)
Furnace Temperature :  600oC, LC 0.1oC
Temperature Control :  Digital PID Temperature Controller. +/- 5oC
Combustion Tube : Quartz Tube along with Quartz Boat for sample Burning.
Glass Ware :  2 Nos. Cold Traps
Nitrogen Flow :  Flow Meter (for N2 flow of 1.7 LPM) is Provided. 
Muffle Furnace :  4 x 4 x 9 (LHD in Inches) for Temperature upto 900oC.
Delivery : 4 to 6 weeks Packing : 3 wooden Boxes


Instrument Principle

Carbon Black is normally used to enhance the weather resistance properties of polyethylene compound. This test is to determine the quantity of carbon black in the compound.  The material is burned under controlled condition of temperature and Nitrogen Flow and is weighed to the nearest 0.0001 gms.


The instrument is manufactured as per the specification and confirm to test app., method BS 2782 Pt 4 


The instrument comprising of

    Tubular Furnace for temp. upto 600oC.

    Digital PID Temperature Indicating Controller, LC : 0.1oC
    Quartz tube and Quartz boat for keeping samples – one each                                                            Roto meter for nitrogen Flow
    Cold Traps – 2 nos,