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Cold Bend as per IEC

Model Number: SSI 506 IEB

Standard Number: IEC 60811-1-4

Cracks and deformation occur when the material is bend or wound under cold conditions. The apparatus is deigned to wound the cable samples on standardized mandrels under cold conditions.



Salient Features

Stand Construction :  Made of MS, hard chromed
Mandrels :  4 Mandrels of 5,10,20,30 mm Dia
Sample Rotation :  Using geared pulley to wound sample around the mandrel


The test is applicable for specimen of diameter up to and including 12.5 mm, above which the test is considered impracticable.


The Instruments conisit of

    Metal Mandrel.

     Metal Frame for mandrel attachment

The sample is cooled in the cold chamber for specified time and then wound on the mandrel. The sample is then checked for any cracks or scales visible to the unaided eye.