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Smoke Density (ASTM) with HMI

Model Number: SSI 516 SDASH

Standard Number: ASTM 2843, IS 13660 (Part 6/Sec9)

Smoke Density Apparatus is used for measuring & observing the relative amount (Density) of smoke produced by the burning (combustion) or decomposition of Plastic, Cables etc. under controlled conditions.


Salient Features  
Chamber Size : 300 mm x 300 mm x 790 mm
Chamber Construction : Single Walled made of 14 gauge Aluminum Sheet, powder coated on both sides
Burner : Specially Designed capable to work on 40 psi gas pressure
Sample Stand : Designed to hold 25 x 25 x 4 mm Sample securely throughout the test
Light Source : 6 V DC Bulb
Power Source : Stabilized DC power source to produce 5-7 V DC, adjustable
Photo Receptor : Highly Sensitive Photo metric Cell to determine even small change in light intensity
 Display : Using 7″ HMI to display various parameters of the instrument.
Control : PLC control the various parameters of the instrument
Software : Specially designed software to control, monitor and display the test parameters.
Power Requirement : Single Phase, 220 V AC, 50 Hz, 0.5 KW (available in 110 V, 60 Hz also)
Delivery : 4 to 6 weeks
Packing : One Wooden Box
Alternate Model : SSI 516 SDAS (without HMI or PLC Control)



Instrument Principle

Smoke Density Test Apparatus is used for measuring & observing the relative amount (Density) of smoke produced by the burning (combustion) or decomposition of Plastic, Cables etc. under controlled conditions.

In Smoke Density Test Apparatus, the sample is burned under controlled pressure of LPG, through a specified burner as per the standard. A light source and a photo receptor is placed on either side of the chamber, and the percentage of light absorbed is displayed through a linear amplifier digital electronic photometer with 0 to 100% absorbance scale. The Smoke Density Test apparatus comes complete with timer with 1.5-second pulse at every 15 sec, with hold facility, gas pressure gauge, damper and exhaust fan for removing smoke from the chamber.


The instrument is manufactured as per the ASTM D 2843, IS 13360 (Part 6/ Sec 9) etc.


The Smoke Density Test Apparatus instrument comprises of

    Single Walled glass door chamber made of 14 gauge Aluminum
    Burner, gas regular
    Electronic Photo-metric System
    Specimen Holder
    Exhaust fan

The Sample is burned using ASTM specified burner under control conditions. A Light source (6 V DC Bulb) emits light which is captured by Photocell which converts the light into Voltage. The intensity of light is proportional to the voltage produced. This voltage is picked up by sophisticated electronic detector, which display the same as % Absorption. As the smoke fills the chamber, the light intensity is reduced, reducing the voltage and the % absorption increase.

The instrument is controlled using a PLC. All the parameters including burner movement, timer, recording of absorption % etc are controlled using the PLC. The parameters are displayed on a 7″ touch screen HMI. The user can interacts with the instrument using this HMI. Operator and test parameters are feed in the PLC using the HMI only. The results are displayed on the HMI screen. The screen shots can be stored on the pen drive for future references.



Operator   . Parameter   . Burner-Position    . Calibrate
Operator Input   Parameter Input   Burner Position   Instrument Calibration
Burner Start Data-Table Graph
Burner Ignition   Start Test   Test Table   Test Graph
Test-Over Result New-Test Manual-Operation
Test Over   Test Result   New Test   Manual Control