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Flammability ladder test
Ladder Flammability Tester

This method covers a laboratory Procedure for testing of bunch cables mounted vertically to determine their relative ability to resist flame prorogation. The test is conducted in open air environment only.  &n


Swedish Chimney
Flammability Test (Swedish Chimney)

For certain locations it may be important to use a cable which retards flame in case of fire and is self – extinguishing when the source of fire is removed. This test is carried out on finished cables to veri


Limiting Oxygen Index
Limiting Oxygen Index

Critical Oxygen Index apparatus is used for determining the minimum percentage of Oxygen required to just support flaming combustion of a material at room temperature in FTA mode or at Higher Temperature (up to


Smoke Density Test apparatus as per UIC
Smoke Density (as per UIC)

Smoke Density Apparatus is used for measuring & observing the relative amount (Density) of smoke produced by the burning (combustion) or decomposition of Plastic, Cables etc. under controlled conditions.


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