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Skewing / Slicing Machine

Model Number: SSI 548 SM

The machine is used to reduce the thickness of XLPe sheet to prepare final sample sheet of upto 0.8 mm thickness for testing.


Salient Feature  
Working Principle : Two Rollers pushes the sample against the blade to slice the sample
Final Sample Size Up to 0.8 mm
Thickness Adjustment : Manual
Blade : Hardened Blade for XLPe, PVC and Rubber materials
Delivery  : 8 to 10 Weeks
Packing  : One Wooden Box



Instrument Principle


Different test procedures require different sample thickness to be tested. If the sample has to taken out of cable sheathing / the thickness of the sheathing may have to be reduced to achieve the desired thickness.

The Slicing / Skewing machine applies the principle of push and cut by using two rollers moving in different direction with a very sharp blade at the other side of the rollers. The distance between the upper roller and the blade determine the final sample thickness. The distance between the upper roller and the blade  can be adjusted, for different types of samples. The lower roller is mounted on a spring set, which adjusts according to the sample thickness. This gives the machine flexibility to cut various different thickness of samples and provide final strips of sample between 0.8 mm to 2 mm as per requirement.



The Instrument consists of following:

     Two rollers mounted on a sturdy frame, rotating in different direction 

     Gearbox for roller movement

     Height adjustment for upper rollers

     Hardened blade for cutting

     Available in hand operated / motorized versions

The slicing machine is capable of slicing samples from 4 mm to 10 mm and give a final sliced strip of 0.8mm to 2 mm as per requirement.