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High Current Tester

Model Number: SSI 595

The instrument is designed to test the current capacity of any wire by passing very high current through it.



Salient Features
Current Capacity : 0 to 160 Amps
Current Control : Using Dimmer
Current Display : Using Digital Ammeter
Voltage Diaplay : Using Digital Voltmeter
Temperature Display : Using Digital Temperature Indicator
Sensor : Specially Designed Insulated PT 100 Sensor
Delivery Period : 4 to 6 weeks from Order Packing : Wooden Box



A wire is attached to the instrument and current is passed through it. The current is then gradually increased. The current at which the wire starts to burn is then noted.


The instrument consists of

    Transformer capable to producing up to 200 Amps of current.
     Varic to gradually increase the current.
     Two Ampere Meter to measure the current at the start and end of sample wire.
     Voltage Meter to measure voltage applied
     Three Temperature indicators with thermocouples to measure the temperature of sample wire
     Heavy duty Bakelite wire holders
     On Off Switch and indicator
     Data logger for recoding Current


The instrument is supplied with NABL Lab calibration for Ampere Meter.


 Front Panel Indicator     Side Panel Indicator