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Solder Bath
Solder Bath

The test is intended to verify the effectiveness of the separator between the non tinned conductor and insulation.   Salient Features  Sold Bath Size : 4 x 4 x 4 (LBH in inches)


Flammability for Foam
Flammability Test for Upholstery

A standard test rig is constructed from fabric and foam to form a simulated chair with the back at a right angle to the base. This enables the ignition source to be kept in permanent contact with both back and


High Current Tester

The instrument is designed to test the current capacity of any wire by passing very high current through it.     Salient Features Current Capacity : 0 to 160 Amps Current Control : Using D


Ultra Low Cold Chambers

When the Cables / Electrical Equipments are subjected top extreme cold for a considerable duration of time, they may become hardened and stiff. Such hardness and stiffness cause cracking of the insulation or sh


OIl Fume Tester
Oil Fume Density Tester

Smoke Density Apparatus is used for measuring & observing the relative amount (Density) of smoke produced by the heating / burning (combustion) or decomposition of Oil and oil based material etc. under cont


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